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Our mission is to return the word “family” back to Family Medicine.  

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Decrease wrinkles to your forehead, crows feet and glabella (between the eyes). Our office loves this product as it allows for us to travel so that the procedure can be done in office or in your home. 

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Common Frequently Asked Questions

“Nurse Practitioner to Me” (NP2ME) is a concierge medicine practice.  Our board-certified Nurse Practitioners are focused on providing compassionate care using a health and wellness approach.

Our providers are trained and certified in Family Medicine and Mental Health.

We are currently licensed to provide care to the residents of Florida, Colorado, New Mexico, and Nebraska

Membership fees to join our concierge practice are:

Individual – $129 monthly

Children- $49 monthly (must accompany an Adult member)

Family – $299 monthly (2 Adults and 2 Children)

All members are entitled to the following:
In-Person Visits (House calls)
Live Telehealth Visits
Annual Labs
Discounts off our MedSpa Products and Procedures

Yes, medical concerns can happen without notice and we accept same-day appointments.

The best way to know what’s going inside of your body is to obtain bloodwork every 6 months.


Membership includes the following labs:

Complete Blood Count (CBC)

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)

Lipid Profile (Cholesterol)

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)

Vitamin D Levels

Prostate Antigen (PSA) *for males

**Additional labs available for an added fee

Yes, you may cancel your membership with a 30-day notice.  Legally, we are required to provide continued care and facilitate a transition of your medical records to your new provider.

We recommend insurance for major expenses such as catastrophic injuries, hospitalizations, surgeries, and unexpected findings.

Yes, when appropriate. We do not manage or prescribe chronic pain medications. Controlled substances are not kept in-house and all prescriptions will be submitted using electronic prescribing.

No.  For the health and safety of your pregnancy, we will coordinate with your OB/GYN and continue routine care for non-pregnancy-related health issues. 

No. We have relationships with local pharmacies who will administer all required vaccines.