Direct Primary Care

What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

There was once a time when urgent care centers did not exist and the hospital’s emergency department was used only for emergencies. Primary care providers took calls after hours, seeing patients in their homes, and providing care as needed. Insurance played an insignificant role. When specialist care was urgently required, primary care providers called colleagues directly to facilitate their patient’s needs. 

Our current medical model of care has drifted away from personalized service. Healthcare is now seen as a financial model, with most decisions made by insurance companies, not providers. Quality of care has declined, wait times have increased, and expenses have sky-rocketed. 

The concierge Direct Primary Care membership model reverts back to the times of old when the patient and the provider worked together for sustained health. The DPC model gives family providers a meaningful alternative to fee-for-service insurance billing. Charging patients a monthly membership fee covers all or most primary care services including routine clinical and laboratory services, consultative services, care coordination, and comprehensive care management.  Because some services are not covered by the monthly fee, DPC practices suggest that patients acquire a minimum of a high-deductible wraparound policy to cover emergencies and specialists. 

What you can expect:

  • A meaningful patient/provider relationship

  • Simplified payment structure

  • Quick access to your provider

The direct primary care provider-patient relationship is resetting healthcare back to the old times when patients and doctors made decisions together without interference from insurance companies. 

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